I observe the repercussion of human contact through our daily interactions and interruptions. While my work often manifests in installation and performance, I sketch in glass, a material that holds record of process. It is in that memory that I am most interested. I relate it to human growth and experience over a lifetime. My work attempts to exaggerate that nuanced change, to put the body or mind in enough distress that those minute transformations become magnified and allow for reflection.

Suzanne Peterson is a visual and performance artist with a BFA from the University of Wisconsin. She has exhibited at such galleries as Woman Made, Chicago, IL; Workhouse Arts Center, D.C. and Glass Wheel Studio, Norfolk, VA. Her work is published in New Glass Review 37 and has walked in Laura Donefer's Glass Fashion Show. She currently works as a bench jeweler at Lorak Jewelry & an educator at the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio.